1st June 2019

My position with the Tasmanian Eye Institute covers all facets of the research process. I assist Tasmanian Eye Institute ophthalmologists to develop study protocols, implement research governance processes and obtain ethics committee approvals. I am also responsible for providing research mentorship to medical students who work with our ophthalmologists. I provide assistance with extracting data from the Tasmanian Eye Institute patient systems and ensure de-identification of research data.  I lead the data analysis process, conducting statistical analyses on research data sets. I also draft the results of our research and work with clinicians and students to write academic papers for publication in peer-reviewed ophthalmology journals. I also assist colleagues to write oral presentations and posters for presentation at national and international ophthalmology conferences. My position with Tasmanian Eye Institute is enjoyable and professionally rewarding thanks to the leadership of our outstanding clinicians, the fantastically supportive administrative team and the opportunities to teach medical students and junior doctors about the research process.

Penny Allen