12th December 2019

Now that the weather is warming up, dont forget to wear your sunglasses.  Tasmanian Eye Institute has donated a pair of sunglasses to each of the staff at Riverside, Deloraine, George Town and Scottsdale swimming pools.  

As with skin damage, too much sun exposure can also cause eye problems.   Damage to the eyes by ultraviolet (UV) radiation builds up over our lifetime and can have a permanent affect on our eyes and eyesight.  In Australia we have very high levels of UV radiation so we need to take extra care to protect our eyes.  Even on cloudy days we should be wearing sunglasses to reduce the UV impact on our eyes.  

Cataract, pterygium (surfers eye), pingueculae, skin cancers around your eye, macular degeneration and other corneal problems can be caused by UV exposure.  

Thanks to Trent and Nicole Hadley from Aquatic Management Services for allowing us to donate glasses to all of their staff and coming on board to help spread the word about the importance of eye health.