19 August 2020

Dear Prof. Brendan and Ms. Shannon

Greetings from LNJP Eye Hospital and NBJK India !!

We express our heartfelt thanks for the kind gift of one box of Prescription Glasses for the poor needy people with refraction error in villages of Jharkhand in India.  Due to poverty and the problem of accessibility to eye health facilities in rural India, the poor people cannot even have the Prescription Glasses for their daily needs.  It is to be noted that in India, especially in states like Jharkhand and Bihar in North India, there is no any kind of eye health care services by the government health department nor by private health practitioners, while in 80% of the total population lives in villages in those states.  Thus your support has been a big help to poor people of villages having no prescription glasses.  We distributed the glasses organizing the camps and also in our eye hospital to very poor patients in need. 

Again thanking you
With regards
Satish Girija