Kate, Karen & Chris run 63.3kms!

Kate, Karen & Chris run 63.3kms!

Karen, Chris and I decided to support Tasmanian Eye Institute (TEI) by asking our friends and family to donate to this worthy cause as we embarked on a 61.2km run over the June long-weekend 2020, and we managed to raise a whopping $855!

We chose to support TEI to help fundraise for the new Gene Therapy Centre to provide opportunity for others to have the gift of sight to enjoy things that they love, just like I love to run and enjoy the freedom it provides.

The run went well - not as smooth in the week leading up due to a strained knee/calf. We completed the first leg as a 21.1km instead of 19km, and then backed up with 42.2km. Chris was doing his first marathon in 3 years after saying he wouldn't do another, and this was the longest run for Karen and I.

We decided to enjoy the run and not set a time target, but surprised ourselves with finishing the total 63.3km in just over 6 hours. 

Some tough moments, including long straight lengths in the full sun, and a footbridge under construction, meaning we had to walk slowly behind cyclists lifting their bikes over a temporary bridge four times (out and back, out and back).

We had some highlights including a great running friend meeting us at the half way point with coke and lollies, then my husband Tim and our boys on their  bikes, and Chris' husband and their boys on their scooters, which provided a nice boost. Karen sang to us in the final few hundred metres, making us go faster so she would stop singing. 

Once finished, we felt great accomplishment, not only for finishing the distance (a lot harder to do mentally without organised race conditions support from crowds), but also because I had raised more than the goal amount I set out to do to support this great charity.

We had some peanut butter sandwiches,  coke for some sugar,  hydralite and Karen and I felt great, well enough to say we could have run some more - that was a surprise! Chris came good after some nausea, so happy to have friends that will take part in such a run to help make other people's lives hopefully a little more enjoyable.